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Oak Valley

Oak Valley


Elgin is a lush plateau completely surrounded by steep mountains forming a natural amphitheatre. With vineyards up to 500m above sea level, the higher altitude and colder winters make Elgin the coolest wine region in South Africa. This cool climate allows for the perfect ripening of grapes, creating wines that have freshness, flavour and balance.

Our Discovery Range offers uncompromising quality and accessibility for all wine lovers. Here, purity of fruit is key. Each label is hand-drawn, with its own unique story, borrowed from the annals of Oak Valley’s rich history.



Along the lower foothills of the Groenlandberg Mountain, Sir Antonie Viljoen, the founder of Oak Valley, discovered a crystal clear fresh water spring. So good was this water that Sir Antonie had it piped over many miles to his home and proclaimed it the Fountain of Youth.

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During 1898, the year in which Sir Antonie Viljoen purchased Oak Valley, plans were underway to build a pioneering railway from Sir Lowry’s Pass to Caledon. Elgin existed in isolation until the track opened in 1902. The line was chiselled out of solid rock to conquer Sir Lowry’s Pass, the steepest gradient in the country. And so this solid steel on quarried stone would inspire an era of prosperity in Elgin. The era of Stone & Steel.

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The South-Easter, known locally as the Cape Doctor, is our prevailing wind in summer. In Elgin, the Cape Doctor blows cold sea air over the vineyards and blankets the valley under cloud. These clouds lower our daytime temperatures and slow the ripening of our chardonnay grapes, leading to better flavour development. Herein lies the magic of Beneath the Clouds.

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High on the southern slopes of the Groenland Mountains lies an isolated vineyard exposed to the elements of our cold climate. Wind whistles through the neighbouring fynbos, the only sound that breaks this eerie silence at altitude. Our Pinot Noir takes comfort in austerity. It thrives on hardship. And it lives alone in the Sounds of Silence.

*Quantities above are per bottle. You may order mixed cases.