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Oak Valley

Oak Valley

by active

Polenta is Salami, right?

Take a minute to scroll through your single friend’s dating app and you’ll notice almost everyone is a self-proclaimed foodie. Twenty-one-year-old Sam from Camps Bay has barely left the maternity ward and happens to be an expert on global cuisine and fine wine. But still thinks polenta is a type of salami.

I’ve gone 38 years and barely scratched the culinary surface.

If there’s one defining characteristic of someone who loves wine, it’s that they also love food. Finding a target market for ultra-premium wine is actually quite easy. Find the foodies.

In December 2020 we partnered with Chef John van Zyl from the Melting Pot. With a focus on Asian and Persian cuisine, light, fresh and balanced flavours served tapas-style on small plates. His food is authentic, his passion for cooking relentless. We’re lucky to have such an exciting talent on the farm.

The point of the story is that The Melting Pot has just re-opened after a 4 week break.

You’re invited to join us, order ‘one of evereting’, and walk away with fond memories of a culinary treat. The wines are pretty good too.

The Melting Pot at Oak Valley
Opening Hours: Wed – Sun 12h00 – 16h00
Bookings: Dineplan

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