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Our animals are raised in a natural and ethical way giving rise to excellent quality and taste. While we cannot guarantee tenderness as every animal is unique, we can guarantee that it is pasture-reared, free-range, hormone and antibiotic free.

Our grass-fed Simmentaler cattle graze on 600 hectares of open pastures that are established to a combination of clovers and grasses, mainly ryegrass.

The animals graze on green grasses during the wet months, whilst in summer, the dried off pasture seeds provide a good source of protein. This is supplemented with oat hay which is also grown on the farm.

Apple pomace from a neighbouring juice plant is an important supplementary foodstuff for the animals and a wholesome by-product of the fruit business.

The exceptional quality and depth of flavour of our beef is a direct reflection of the authentic way in which they are raised.

Wagyu beef is a Japanese delicacy famous for its intense marbling and flavour. Oak Valley is in the process of building its 100% Fullblood Wagyu herd to a commercial size. It is likely our Fullblood Wagyu will be available by 2016.

Our Fullbloods are also cross-bred with our resident Simmentaler giving rise to Wagyu-Crosses, 50% Wagyu / 50% Simmentaler.

By cross-breeding, we enhance the flavour and marbling profile of our Simmentaler - infusing them with Wagyu genetics. The net result is a much richer and deeper flavour profile due to superior marbling. The quality of our Wagyu-Crosses is a cut above the premium Grass-Fed Simmentaler, thus explaining the price differential between the two order options. Wagyu-Crosses are currently available for order.

Our pigs forage freely in large open paddocks. In summer we harvest 50 tonnes of acorns from the 4,000 oak trees on the farm to feed our pigs.

The acorn diet is the key to both the texture and the rich flavours of the pork, as an enzyme in the acorn enhances the intramuscular fat, which contains a high proportion of oleic acid. Oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid, has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol. Health food at its best!

For Oak Valley the free-range piggery project symbolizes a return to our historic roots as the founder, Sir Antonie Viljoen, farmed in the early 1900's with pigs which were raised on the acorns from the oak forests on the farm.

Oak Valley - Beef Cattle
Oak Valley - Beef Cattle
Oak Valley - Beef Cattle
Oak Valley - Beef Cattle

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